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mlb_icontest's Journal

MLB Icon Contest!
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Welcome to MLB Icontest!

Welcome to the icon contest community that has to do with all of the MLB Teams & players. Each week there will be challenge of either a Baseball team, a Baseball player, or a miscellaneous challenge(ie.-favorite player). It makes it easier to have both teams and players since there aren't that many teams. There should not be any making fun of anyone's icons, even if you dont like them. Just keep your thoughts to yourself. If you do make fun of someone's work, you may be banned. The icons that are/will be posted are all up for grabs too. Just comment, credit the community & the maker. Thankss. Enjoy :)

Alyssa aka john_stevens_x0 & myself-Kevin aka kevl41489 are both moderators at this community. We will alternate with the challenges and the winning banner's weekly.
1. One Icon per person in every challenge. Unless i say otherwise. Do not use multiple accounts.
2. Please provide both the icon and the URL in your comment. otherwise i'll tell you to fix it and if you dont I will not post it in the challenge.
3. Do not share your icons until the judging is over and winners are announced.
4. Do not steal other peoples work, its a challenge not an icon communinty.
5. Must fit LJ standards. (100x100 or less etc)
6. If you win and want a banner..ASK!

Recent Challenges:
Challenge 01: Boston Red Sox
Challenge 02: Toronto Blue Jays
Challenge 03: New York Yankees
Challenge 04: Houston Astros
Challenge 05: Atlanta Braves
Challenge 06: Chicago White Sox
Challenge 07: Washington Nationals
Challenge 08: Pittsburgh Pirates
Challenge 09: Free Challenge
Challenge 10: Oakland Athletics
Challenge 11: Seattle Mariners
Challenge 12: Favorite Player
Challenge 13: Atlanta Braves(contest in session now)

Things to know:
Contests will start on Sundays
Contests will end on Fridays
Voting lasts until Sunday Afternoon
Banners will be made on Monday
(these days may change periodically)

Have fun && Good Luck!