[KEViN] (kevl41489) wrote in mlb_icontest,

NEW MOD's :)

hey everyone.

this is kevin[aka kevl41489] and i am one of the NEW MOD's for this community.
your former MOD shannon[aka fenway] has decided to give this community up and myself & jasmine[aka jassypwincess] will be taking it over.
we are both so excited and we are working on a new layout and were so excited to start up the challenges again.
we would love it if you all could promote this community in your journal or somewhere, so we can get some new members.
the next challenge will most likely start in the middle of the week, and their will be new deadlines days as well.
we hope everyone is back & ready to make graphics!
thanks & enjoy.

~your MOD's
-kevin & jasmine :)
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